Luke Jensen

Luke is a young, passionate artist. He is fairly new to the industry which leaves him all the room to grow and succeed. He started an apprenticeship in Midvale, Utah, Under 8 zero 1 ink gallery. During this 18 months he learned many tattooing techniques as well as got a great understanding of the industry. Luke's ideal tattoo career from his start has been laced with goals such as owning a studio, traveling the world to tattoo and also provide quality work that will last a lifetime. After this apprentice period he quickly hit the ground running. He quickly became a Salt Lake City favorite and gained a very strong clientele base.

Luke has a wide variety of tattoo styles that he can cover. He can do things from black and grey realism to new school tattooing. He thoroughly enjoys tattooing custom free hand lettering. This includes simple names to complex quotes covering large spaces of the skin. There is no doubt that this young man will evolve into one of Utah's best artists.


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