Aloha Salt Lake Tattoos - Tattoo Waiver

Below is the Aloha Salt Lake Tattoos Tattoo Sign-in Sheet/Tattoo Consent form. Similar to the paper forms we have you fill-out when you arrive, this is an online version that is much more convenient. It generally speeds up the process when you arrive, giving us more time for your consultation.

It's easy to fill out one of these required forms when you arrive at the shop for your appointment, but if you prefer, you can fill the corresponding form out prior to arriving.

The forms are usually self-explanatory, but let us know if you have any questions.

You can click the button below to open the form in a new window. You will be required to scroll back to the top of the form on certain devices once you hit the "Next Page" button at the bottom of each page.

Tattoo Sign-In Sheet/Consent Form

We do require the Tattoo Waiver for each and every Tattoo, Tattoo Session, and Touch-Up performed at Aloha Salt Lake Tattoos. Not only is it required by state an county law, it protects and informs both parties of the legal requirements as well as other information deemed important with regards to the procedure.

Please note: We will need to get a copy of your State or Federally issued ID to attach to your form; even if you fill it out at home. It's the law, and we can not tattoo ANYONE without it.