Chance Haider

Aloha Salt Lake Tattoo's Up-and-coming young tattoo artist.

Chance is a young motivated award winning artist from Portland Oregon.

Chance took 20+ art classes and was business manager of his yearbook class at Sherwood High School, including two years of studio apprentice plus two years of Advanced Placement art studio, which he received a perfect score.

Chance won two gold key scholastic art awards and one silver key scholastic art award which got him exhibited in the ‘Oregon College of Art & Craft’ and the ‘Pacific Northwest College of Art’ all before he graduated in 2015 at the age of 17.

       After high school Chance left his small town and submerged himself into the weird Portland culture. Befriending designers, artistic peers, and shop owners he was able to sell freelance art and got to display pieces at art walks and tattoo shops downtown. By 2018 he was able to save up and attend the ‘World’s Only Tattoo School’ in Shreveport, Louisiana. After this world-renowned tattoo program he picked up and moved to SLC to hit the ground running!


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