We're looking for your story!!!



That's right; If you're looking for a tattoo, We're looking for your story!!! We're looking for 3-5 (maybe more) people with a great story behind the tattoo they want.

The tattoo can be big or small, completely hidden, or on even the top of your head. We prefer fresh skin, but a cover-up often has a more compelling story. What's important here  is the story of the why behind the tattoo you want!

If you want a tattoo, and you have a compelling story behind wanting it ie; life event, challenge overcome, family member(s), something inspiring, some small miracle, milestone reached, hurdles overcome, a reminder of what or what not to do again, a secret kept, etc... Then we want to hear from you!

We want to work with you to develop this tattoo into something that will truly represent your story and document it along the way. We will be giving at least one of these tattoos away, but the rest that are chosen for this project will be done at a significantly reduced rate.

Message us if this sounds like something that interests you and we'll get into the details. Sent a Brief summary of what you want to get and don't forget the most important part... The WHY, and we'll go from there.

Please, pass this along! Tell your friends, co-workers, family, anyone that may have a compelling reason to get a tattoo. Let's see if we can inspire something great!



You can reply to this post, or contact me directly at saltlaketattoos@gmail.com for more info.

Jon Poulson

Owner, Artist Aloha Salt Lake Tattoos in Murray, Utah. Clean, Professional Tattoos by top artists.